“Welcome home”

To Bambu, 14 estates nestled on rolling hilltops with ocean and mountain views.

Overlooking the peaceful town of Cabuya, where fishing, tourism, and cattle are the heart of the economy. Surrounded by nature paths, mountain springs, river access, fruit trees of mango, avocado, bananas, bird song and monkeys howling.

Bambu, designed by Eco International is a particularly distinctive residential estate community.
Bambú Estates


The jungle surrounding Bambu is visited by over 840 species of birds

An estimated of 500,000 species can be found in this small country with many biological wonders


The farm is in an abundantly rich mountain spring area

All estates are supplied by pure well water or from a public mountain spring         

Elevation map

Bambu has 14 estates

 750 m2   /   .185 acres
7,300 m2   /   1.803 acres

The Farm

The farm soil is black and rich

The farm has never been sprayed by pesticides or herbicides


With the rich soil and abundant water, sustainability is one step closer

All electricity lies underground for safety


"We minimize any environmental impact”


"Harnessing the energy from the sun"”

Planting Trees

"For the future"


Turn right at Mal Pais Rd into Cabuya, follow until you see the next sign in the intersection to Escuela del Sol, turn right and follow the road to the end

is a developer and builder of distinction, who is available to assist you in any of these areas

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“Everything you can imagine is real”

Pablo Picasso

Geothhermal cooling

Cooling your house

We are incorporating the simple geothermal technology of the below ground temperatures of 11 degrees Celsius / 52 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate electrical cost for cooling your home


If you exercise this option you open the possibilities of growing fruit and vegetables that otherwise not grow in this climate

is a quaint little fishermen village that stretches for various miles along the coast until the border of the Cabo Blanco Reserve.
A rare attraction of Cabuya is the small Isla de Cabuya, located a hundred meters off the coast. At low tide a causeway over the rocks makes it possible to walk to the island to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The reef on the extreme tip of the Cabuya Island is a great spot for snorkeling. Even without snorkel equipment, you can see colorful fish in the rocky tide pools.

The Neighborhood

Bambú is located only minutes away from world class surfing, cascading waterfalls and countless personalities of beaches

Cabuya is between Montezuma and Cabo Blanco National Reserve, and is only 14 minutes to Mal Pais and Santa Teresa.

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